We Create Sustainable Communities of the Future…Today

“System Approach,” along with “full service,” are what truly separate Pure Eco from our competition. Many of our competitors focus on one or two disciplines such as water conservation or solar power.  We have learned that the needs and conditions at our clients’ sites vary.  Custom solutions, tailored to fit, are what we specialize in.

Pure Eco can combine its experience in energy conservation and renewable energy using a systems integration approach to create a truly unique, sustainable “community of the future.”

Important Aspects We Always Consider:

  • Location of major facilities and attractions in relation to one another
  • Building orientation of homes and businesses
  • Terrain (to minimize pumping losses, run-off, etc.)
  • Distribution of community services
  • Integration of grid-tied, electric-intensive vehicles for transportation and electric energy storage
  • Implementation of net metering to sell electric power back to the local utility whenever possible, plus maintaining the capability to handle peak loads and emergencies
  • Systems backup and security

For more information on how we are integrating these aspects right now, please refer to our Oil Nut Bay project site at www.oilnutbay.com