Is Renewable Energy an Alternative for You?

Renewable energy generation is normally third on the list of ways we can help our clients reduce their environmental impact, primarily because the ROI for installing renewable energy generation systems is typically longer compared to saving energy through conservation and recycling/reuse/waste-to-energy measures. There are rare situations, however, where utility-supplied energy is very expensive and renewable resources are very plentiful. In those cases, renewable energy generation quickly becomes a priority.

Pure Eco Has the Knowledge and Experience to…

  • Evaluate client-site renewable resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, wave, energy crops, and others.
  • Use analytical tools developed by the US Department of Energy to model and help maximize appropriate renewable energy generation based on these site resources.
  • Plan, procure, oversee the installation and assure performance of renewable energy generators, plus train operators in monitoring, use and maintenance.
  • Assist with applying for all applicable local, state, and federal rebates & incentives, and tax credits.