The Final Step is the Most Important Step

One of the most important steps after doing energy-efficient upgrades or retrofits to your home or business is actually verifying that the estimated energy savings were achieved, and this measurement and verification, or M&V as it is commonly referred to, is a service we offer as well.  Whether it’s validating a previously created whole building energy model, creating a comparative new energy model for the building, or installing data loggers to track actual energy usage post-install, we have the tools, equipment, and expertise necessary to ensure the investment you just made is paying back as it should be.

We have performed M&V fieldwork on single-family homes, multi-family buildings, office buildings, hospitals, industrial operations, lodging and hospitality, schools, and just about any other type or classification of building you can think of.

We have worked on projects with homeowners, building owners, energy efficiency program managers, and a number of implementation contractors.

In addition to quantifying the energy savings from a given measure or set of measures (commonly known as Energy Conservation Measures or ECMs), we can also evaluate energy efficiency program effectiveness and customer satisfaction thereby helping to further improve the overall program going forward, both for the program managers and their customers.


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