Oil Nut Bay

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Pure Eco is fully engaged as a member of the Victor International Company team in the development of Oil Nut Bay in the British Virgin Islands. Victor International’s vision for Oil Nut Bay is that it become a sustainable, luxury resort community co-existing in harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings found in the BVI. Pure Eco’s major role is to lead the planning through to operational assurance of Oil Nut Bay’s integrated community services and energy management systems, making use of the abundant sources of nature’s energy (wind and sun).  Pure Eco’s other roles include advising Oil Nut Bay residents, and their builders, on how to plan and build structures to the highest levels of energy efficiency consistent with the total Oil Nut Bay community. The major infrastructure elements of Oil Nut Bay are currently under construction. Pure Eco is planning, designing and installing the integrated services and energy management systems in phases of increasing technical sophistication. When completed, Pure Eco will have assisted Victor International in creating a model community of the future. (www.oilnutbay.com)